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At our Liverpool day nursery we have just received an OFSTED inspection. We have received a Good  outcome. Here are some of the points in the report: Teaching is good. All staff are skilled in…
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Christmas party

At our Liverpool day nursery we are going to have a Christmas party. we have wrote a letter to santa and he said he would come and see us. The party is 2-4pm on Tuesday.

Christmas Grotto

At our Liverpool day nursery we have made a Christmas Grotto. The children have had lots of fun in there. next time you are in please come and have a look.

Nursery Meals

At our Liverpool Day Nursery, We eat lots of great food prepared fresh on site by our cook Jo. please have a look at our winter menu’s to make sure we keep Full and warm.



At our Liverpool Day Nursery we have made some pumpkins. They are all around the nursery. can you find them all? Happy Pumpkin hunting!

Autumn Days

Autumn Days

At our nursery we are learning about autumn. We have been collecting autumn objects. please bring any into the nursery so we can use them with the children.

room change

at our day nurser in Liverpool the children have helped staff rearrange all of the furniture and equipment. this looks at child’s input and uses it effectively. the room change keeps things fresh and enhances…
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