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day Nursery Childwall Liverpool

With a very busy schedule each day, we understand the importance of providing a healthy, well balanced diet to all our Children at our Day Nursery in Liverpool. We have an onsite Cook Joanne who prepares all of our lovely meals freshly on the nursery premises.

With breakfasts being the most important meal of the day we provide a variety of excellent options including:

  • Cereal and fresh milk
  • Toast and Fruit Juice
  • Crumpets and fruit
  • Pancakes


By lunch time we have worked up quite an appetite.  So we need to refuel for our busy afternoons.  Our meals include:

  • Chilli Con Carne on a bed of fresh rice
  • Lasagne and Garlic Bread
  • Salmon and Broccoli Pasta
  • Cheese, Bacon and Cauliflower Mash
  • Chicken Curry and Rice
  • Scouse
  • Shepherds Pie
  • Mexican Style tuna Pasta
  • Bacon and Leek Macaroni


We also have a variety of puddings available which are served after each lunch time meal.  These include:

  • Fresh Fruit
  • Shortbread
  • Jam Roll
  • Flapjacks


And of course let’s not forget our snack times, because it’s important to keep our engines running throughout the day.  We offer:

  • Breadsticks and Dips
  • Selection of Sandwiches
  • Soup and Bread
  • Garlic Bread
  • Nachos
  • Home Made Pizza
  • Cheese Crackers and Savoury Snacks
  • Potato Cakes
  • Scones