Application Form

Toby The Tiger


Toby the Tiger belongs to the children and staff of Rockbourne Day Nursery. He lives in the Pre-School Room.

At the nursery we use Toby the Tiger to:

  • Help the children to unlearn any prejudiced and discriminatory attitudes and actions they may have absorbed
  • build their sense of identity and feelings of belonging
  • Introduce feelings to the children
  • If the children are having any problems at home for example, sleep routines, bed wetting, meal times etc, we will use Toby the Tiger and the children will be invited to take him home.

Parents can take the Tiger home for any reason they wish, they must then fill in the attached form and if possible attach a photo, this will give the children a strong positive link between home and nursery.  The staff and children will then look through the folder which will be available at all times and discuss Toby’s journey and also the family that he has stayed with