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Our Day Nursery in Liverpool has a team of qualified experts taking care of your children

Our Day Nursery in Liverpool has a team of qualified experts taking care of your children

Our Day Nursery in Liverpool takes the welfare of your children very seriously.  That is why all our staff are highly qualified and are selected on their qualifications and their love of working with children.  We also provide regular training to ensure our team are up to date with first aid requirements and working towards further education in childcare.

Half of children aged three and four are attending nurseries without qualified teachers, a charity has warned.

In 2015/16, more than 280,000 children attended a private, voluntary or independent setting without a teacher who held a degree-level early years qualification working directly with them, according to a report by Save The Children.

These children are almost 10% less likely than their classmates to reach a good level of development, such as being able to speak in full sentences and follow instructions by the time they start school.

The situation can be worse, depending on where a child lives.

Fifty-eight per cent of children in the West Midlands are at nurseries without a qualified teacher, while those in the North East are most likely to have a qualified teacher.

The charity says that just 860 people applied for nursery teaching roles last year, down from 2,300 the previous year.

The recruitment crisis comes as nurseries struggle with funding cuts and Save The Children has called on the Government to ensure there is a qualified early years teacher for every nursery in England, starting with the poorest areas.

Gareth Jenkins, director of UK poverty at Save The Children, said: “If the Government is serious about creating a country that works for everyone, it’s crucial we urgently invest in a qualified teacher for every nursery across the country, giving children the support they need to reach their full potential.”

Sue Learner, editor of, said she was “extremely worried” by the report, adding: “The first five years of a child’s life are crucial and help shape the adult they become, with qualified nursery teachers playing an important role in this.”

A Department for Education spokesman said: “To date, we have trained over 16,000 specialist early years graduates and a record number of providers are now rated good or outstanding.

“We are developing a workforce strategy that aims to remove the barriers to attracting, retaining and developing great people and we will be investing a record £6bn in childcare by the end of this Parliament.”