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Nap time is very important at our Day Nursery in Liverpool

Nap time is very important at our Day Nursery in Liverpool

Daytime naps are crucial for babies and toddlers’ brain development and are essential for their wellbeing. Yet many young children go without a nap at nursery, either because it does not have a dedicated sleep area or because the parent has specifically asked for their child not to be given a nap.

Sleep is a hot topic for parents of young children. They are often relating how little sleep they have had or discussing sleep routines in what can seem like the holy grail of getting their child to sleep through the night.

Although every child is different, the NHS recommends that children in the night time should be getting around 11 to 12 hours sleep a night. In the daytime a six-month-old baby should have three hours of sleep, a 12-month-old should have two and a half hours sleep and a two-year-old should be getting a one and a half hour nap.

By the time they have reached the age of three, some children may already have dropped their daytime nap while others may still need up to 45 minutes. By the age of four, they will no longer need a daytime nap.

Parents can obsess about their child’s daily routine, mapping out when they sleep, eat and play. When their child starts nursery, their sense of control which they have worked hard to establish goes out of the window, as they hand over the reins to someone else.  But here at our Day Nursery in Liverpool we will work with you to keep your child’s routine at Nursery the same as it is at home.