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Nursery Charter

Our Day Nursery in Liverpool is an independent provider of high quality childcare. When you visit us, you will see a warm, friendly, and inviting environment with staff who are dedicated to the children in their care.

Our approach is for the development of the whole child, and we provide care and learning opportunities that reflect this.

Our day nursery in Liverpool, is bright and welcoming; it is situated just off a main road, in a residential area close to local schools, colleges, shops and businesses. We are open Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 6pm. We close only on Bank Holidays and for a week at Christmas time. (Fees are still payable during the shutdown)

At present we have 15 qualified members of staff (including the management team) we also have 2 trainees, who are working towards N.V.Q. level 2. Our staff regularly attend courses and conferences in order to keep their knowledge current and updated.

We also have a cook Joanne, who prepares healthy and nutritious meals and snacks, on site using fresh ingredients.

Our nursery consists of three buildings, 0-2, Toddlers, and Pre-School, and a large garden area with disabled access.

The 0-2 building is split into two age groups, 0-1 and 1-2 years. All of which are visible to see and sectioned off with gates and viewing panels.

  • 0-1 years have one end of the building sectioned off, with one large main room, a separate cot room (which has cots set out ready for each day, blackout blinds, various light projectors and calming music cd’s all to provide a relaxing atmosphere), a milk kitchen (where bottles and food are prepared) and a nappy room which is shared with the 1-2 year olds.
  • 1-2 years have the other end of the 0-2 building with two rooms. One of these has tables which are set out for eating, art and table top activities. The other has a story corner, sand and water trays, role play area, and various carpet areas for floor activities.

The Toddler building is facing 0-2’s across the garden area. Toddlers have two large main rooms which they use at all times. One has tables set out and is used for meal times, art and table top activities, and sand and water trays. The other has a large story area, a role play area and carpet areas for various floor play activities. It is in this room that toilet training usually starts so there are children’s toilets at the back of the room which are easy for the children to access as well as a separate nappy room for those children who aren’t quite ready for toilet training.

In the Pre-School building there is the main reception area used by the management team, the kitchen (where all food for the children is stored and prepared), two large rooms which Pre-School use, children’s toilets, and entrance into the nursery.

Pre-School use the two large rooms, one of which is used for art and messy play activities. This room is also used for meal and snack times and has tables set out. The other room has many different areas, music and sound area, role play area, quiet area with books and puppets. Construction area and lots of carpeted areas for floor activities. The nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage for all of our children.

Highly qualified staff supervise all of the children at the nursery.

Qualifications include:

  • NNEB, NVQ Levels 2, 3, and 4 B-Tec and also a qualified art teacher.
  • We also have the following designated co-ordinators: Safeguarding, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), Behaviour Management,
  • The nursery is regularly inspected by OFSTED and has received excellent reports, of which we are very proud

Security and Safety

Our Liverpool day nursery conforms to and exceeds the National Guidelines set out by the Children’s Act 1989. The nursery has CCTV installed and a high tech security system that is linked to a monitoring station, which is active during closing time to ensure the safety of the building. You will enter the nursery only through the main entrance, by staff members who have access to the CCTV.


Before your child starts the nursery, they are invited to come for two introductory visits, from either 10am-12pm or 2pm-4pm. This is so that we can exchange information with you regarding your child and their routine. Introduce you to your child’s keyworker, and other members of staff and their new friends. There is no charge for the introductory visits. Parents will not stay with their child after information has been exchanged.

Food and Drink

We provide three meals per day for children who are with us for a full day. Children who attend the morning session will receive breakfast, served at 9am and lunch served between 11am and 11.30am. Children who attend the afternoon session will receive snack served at 3pm.  The meals are prepared in our kitchen which is regularly inspected by the Environmental Health.  The food provided is nutritious and complies with dietary and religious requirements. Fresh drinking water is available for the children at all time of the day.


We provide formula for babies, but parents must provide their own bottles.

 Operational Plan

Parents are invited to read the nursery’s operational plan. This is a full detailed document on how the nursery is managed and contains lots of information. The plan is updated regularly and is in line with OFSTED’s regulations changes. It is kept in the reception area at all times for you to peruse at your leisure.

 Early Years Foundation Stage

At our day nursery in Liverpool we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. In all the rooms of the nursery the children are observed on a weekly basis, this then informs our planning for each individual child. We can then assess your child’s development and learning needs. Planning is assessed on a weekly and three monthly basis, with regular contact and input from parents as to how they think their child is developing.

The children are encouraged to help with planning play and exploration both indoors and outdoors, with a balance of adult-led and child-led activities that help them to think and be active and creative learners. If it is observed by any staff member that there may be a matter for concern, then the staff have the evidence to talk to a member of the management team and if needed a support worker from outside agencies (e.g. Health Visitor, Family Support Worker, or NEYS)

From our way of planning and assessing and adult interaction the evidence to show that the children are enjoying and achieving is obvious to see all around the nursery.  The children are happy and confident in their work and play.

At our nursery we have an open door policy where parents, and visitors can come into nursery at any time, they do not need an appointment.


Children will only be allowed to leave the premises with those persons authorised to pick up the child as designated by the parent. When someone other than the designated persons arrives to pick up a child, that person must show ID. Parents must inform a member of the management team ahead of time if somebody different is picking up their child.

If at any time one of the parents is not authorised to pick up their child, a copy certificate of a court order confirming this must be on file at the nursery.

Please make sure that you arrive at nursery no later than 5.50pm, so that staff can exchange information with you in plenty of time before nursery closes at 6pm. Late collection will result in a £15 charge payable to staff.


Children who are mildly ill such as those who have a cold will be allowed into the nursery.

If your child is showing signs of a serious illness, they will not be permitted to stay at the nursery. Symptoms that would exclude the child include a fever of 101 accompanied by flu signs such as sore throat, rash, vomiting, diarrhoea, irritability or convulsions, vomiting two or more times in a 24 hour period, body rash with fever.

If symptoms develop during the day, parents will be notified and asked to come and pick up their child. If the child is irritable, continuously crying or requires more attention, that you come and collect the child on this occasion too.


The management team are the only ones who are allowed to administer medicines to children.

Staff cannot be responsible for administering medication to children. If it is absolutely necessary for a child to be given medication, the reason must be discussed with a member of the management team. Nursery staff has the right to refuse to administer medicine to children. Parents/carers will be informed of the reason for this decision.

Medicines must not usually be administered unless they have been prescribed for that child by a doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist. However, they can recommend medication over the counter such as teething gel, painkillers if a child has a temperature. This means that staff will administer medicines without a prescription only if we have written consent by the parent on the day.  Medication containing Aspirin can only be given if prescribed by a doctor for example Ibrofen and Nurofen both contain traces of Aspirin (this is an OFSTED guidance)

If you are aware that your child is teething or not feeling too well, you must supply Calpol that morning and we can give it with your written consent. If your child becomes unwell during the day, you will be telephoned and emergency Calpol can be given with your permission, this will be recorded on the medicine form for you to sign on arrival.


Every minor accident is recorded in an accident book. Parents will be notified of such accidents and are required to sign the accident book.


All information given to staff will be treated as strictly confidential and children’s information is stored away privately in the office.

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

We open from 7.30am to 6pm all year round, except Bank Holidays and the closing of the nursery between Christmas and New Year.


The nursery operates a no smoking policy, and parents are asked to adhere to this and not smoke around the buildings.

Mobile Telephones

The nursery operates a no mobile phone policy, parents are asked to adhere to this and not use mobile phones whist on nursery premises, or on nursery grounds.


A registration fee of £50 is payable to the nursery when you book your place. The fee is non-refundable if you decide not to take the place. The fee will however be refunded if the correct four weeks’ notice is given if you decide to take your child out of the nursery or they are leaving to go to school.


All fees are to be paid one week in advance.  Please note that fees must be paid each week that your child is enrolled, even when he/she does not attend nursery. Fees are also payable for Bank Holidays which include Good Friday and Closing of the nursery over the Christmas and New Year period. Fees are also payable if your child is sick or on holiday. Therefore fees are payable 52 weeks of the year.


Four weeks cancellation notice must be given in writing, or four weeks fees must be paid to the nursery if your child does not attend.

Liverpool Education Grant

When your child turns 3 years old we will inform you of when they are eligible to receive the nursery grant.  This grant is paid to the nursery not the parents, and is spread over a 38 week period through the year.


Our policies are available for viewing at any time by parents. The policies are kept in the reception area. All our policies are designed to offer the best possible experience for the children and families of the setting.

No Payment of Fees

Should your fees be in arrears of 2 weeks or more, your child will be unable to attend the nursery until the arrears are paid. The nursery has the right to terminate your contract with immediate effect.