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Toddlers at our Liverpool Day Nursery

Toddlers at our Liverpool Day Nursery

Toddlers have two large main rooms which they use at all times.

One has tables set out and is used for meal times, art and table top activities, and sand and water trays. The other has a large story area, a role play area and carpet areas for various floor play activities. It is in this room that toilet training usually starts so there are children’s toilets at the back of the room which are easy for the children to access as well as a separate nappy room for those children who aren’t quite ready for toilet training.

Regular routine is important for toddlers and this is provided through, planned activities, such as mealtimes, nap times, story times etc.

Our staff will encourage your child to initiate their own interests and learning. We will provide lots of stimulating and exciting activities and areas of interest, such as sand and water, messy play, outdoor learning, imaginative play, book and role play area.

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