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Liverpool Day Nursery provide the best baby care

Liverpool Day Nursery provide the best baby care

At our Day Nursery in Liverpool, the 0-2 building is split into two age groups, 0-1 and 1-2 years. All of which are visible to see and sectioned off with gates and viewing panels.

0-1 years have one end of the building sectioned off, with one large main room, a separate cot room (which has cots set out ready for each day, blackout blinds, various light projectors and calming music cd’s all to provide a relaxing atmosphere), a milk kitchen (where bottles and food are prepared) and a nappy room which is shared with the 1-2 year olds.

1-2 years have the other end of the building with two rooms. One of these rooms has tables which is set out for eating, art and table top activities. The other has a story corner, sand and water trays, role play, and various carpet areas for floor activities.

Our Liverpool day nursery staff  understand the specific needs of the babies in their room. This is a rapid stage of development.  We provide a secure, happy stimulating environment in which to build up trustful bonds between children, staff and parents.

Babies learn from birth, our staff are trained to encourage, listen and respond to babies communication prompting language development, by singing songs and rhymes, and talking.

We have a Key Worker system in place throughout the nursery, so children will always have a caring member of staff to care for them, providing reassurance, cuddles and helping them to feel safe, cared for and valued when in our care.

Our safe and stimulating environment makes our day nursery in Liverpool the nursery of choice.

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