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Encouraging our Liverpool Day Nursery Kids

Encouraging our Liverpool Day Nursery Kids

Encouraging children to develop their own emotional language can provide nursery staff with a way to help children express themselves through words instead of physical actions such as biting and scratching.

Our Liverpool Day Nursery staff are trained to help encourage our children to excel in all social aspects of their development.

For adults, biting might seem like one of the worst things a person can do to hurt someone, however biting is a common behaviour in young children which is not often due to a child deliberately attempting to cause pain.

Biting can occur because of teething problems or be used by a child to test out boundaries with adults, and even child behaviour experts sometimes find the reason behind a child biting hard to uncover.

Jo Baranek, an early years lead advisor at the National Day Nurseries Association, has experienced children biting others in early years settings and believes biting is a natural part of a child’s development.

She said: “Biting can be quite common behaviour in nurseries as many children go through it as a stage of their development. It can happen through frustration, because they want something from another child or because they are teething.

“It can be a difficult situation for practitioners as often the reason for a child biting is unknown and in some cases a child can continue to bite for a long period of time.”

The range of reasons or trigger for biting can also depend on what age the child is. Babies up to the age of one may bite to explore the world around them because their mouths are one of the most developed areas of their body.

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